Virtual Fall Series - DHG Inclusion Network Panel

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October 5, 2021

Tuesday, October 5th / 4:00-4:45PM EST

Here at DHG, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment that values and appreciates diversity of all kinds. As part of the firm’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity, DHG has eight Inclusion Networks that are employee led and foster awareness, advocacy, action, and allyship. Join us for this session to hear from our Inclusion Network leaders, moderated by our Senior Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity, Kevin Price!

DHG is proud to support the development of Inclusion Networks as they continue to thrive across the firm.  These Networks are typically grassroots Team Member-led groups that serve as a resource for both the members and the firm.  They are open to anyone within DHG from employees to partners and regardless of backgrounds.

Inclusion Networks create opportunities for:

  • Learning, Leadership, and Community where you can learn more about a particular group and address unique interests, needs, and challenges 
  • Awareness, Advocacy and Action to support the firm's I&D mission of actively embracing and leveraging both differences and similarities 
  • Inclusive work environments where all individuals feel welcomed, valued and supported in fulfilling their career potential

Inclusion Networks support the firm's overall mission and values by driving Relationships, Trust, Innovation and Passion.  They support both ONEDHG and Team IMPACT efforts.


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