Student Programs

DHG’s Leadership Conference enhances leadership skills for Accounting students in their Sophomore and Junior years. Join us for two days of hands-on activities, networking opportunities with some of the brightest young professionals in the Firm and hear from experts within the field. If you are selected for this program all costs associated will be covered by DHG. Join us to learn more about DHG, better your knowledge of public accounting, and build relationships that will last a lifetime!

Juniors and Seniors interested in diving into the world of public accounting look no further! DHG actively seeks students who are motivated, curious, and eager to take the first step in their career. Join us for the internship of a lifetime where students gain real-life experience, develop strong technical and interpersonal skills, and have access to unparalleled mentorship opportunities.

Calling all future Associates! If you are a recent graduate or are in your last semester and looking to pursue a full-time career in public accounting, you are in the right place. DHG provides the tools to become a multi-dimensional young professional in a workplace that will both challenge you and ensure you are a valued member of the team.

The DHG Futures Program is a development program for undergraduate students from underrepresented groups designed to provide valuable skills and opportunities. Over 3-4 years participants will have the opportunity to attend annual diversity leadership summits as well as complete internship opportunities throughout the program. Apply Here!

Student and New Hire Experiences

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