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starting to grow your career, doesn’t mean you stop learning.

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Welcome to DHG where opportunity is around every corner. Between our leadership conference, internships and entry-level roles, we have the best programs to help you get your career started on the right foot.

Leadership Conference
(For Sophomores & Juniors)

Over three days, we can help you learn not only where your career can go, but how to be a true leader. During our Leadership Conference, you’ll gain knowledge and skills from hands-on activities, get to know some of the best and brightest young professionals in the accounting industry, hear from experts in the field, and make friendships to last a lifetime! Best of all, if you are selected for this program, DHG will cover all costs, including travel and lodging. Interested? Get a first hand account of what to expect.


(For Seniors)

This is the head start of all head starts. Joining DHG as an intern is more than just an opportunity to get a feel for what real-world work is like. With access to incredible leaders and the chance to learn from industry experts in every field, over one of our two sessions you will explore everything that a career in finance has to offer. Our internships have already helped a few people get a great start to their careers. Explore their stories here and here.


Entry roles
(For graduates)

Here, First-Year Associates are a big deal. Not because of the pressure, but because of your potential. And we make sure you have all the best tools to become the best you. With a variety of assignments, you’ll get to explore different fields and industries. Just as you are hungry to grow, we’re excited to help you get promoted to that next level. Joining us means becoming part of the DHG team — where we win together, rather than competing against one another.


Starting your career isn’t just about big-name work — although we do offer you that. What you’ll find at DHG is something greater: people who are welcoming and dedicated to helping you. When we hire someone, there is nothing left to prove because we only hire the best talent. It’s your job to bring your whole self to work.

Our support and sponsorship of diversity and mentoring programs such as AMP (The Accounting Mentorship Program, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and high school and college programs developed to raise awareness of business and accounting opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds such as Business Education for Talented Students and the AIM Academy (Accounting and Information Management Academy, Haslam College of Business at The University of Tennessee) are just a few examples of how we try to do our part in creating more opportunities within the communities we do business and create a welcoming culture where individuals of all backgrounds can keep learning. We also maintain heavy involvement in diversity-focused organizations like NABA (National Association of Black Accountants). Another way we help you thrive is by focusing on diverse teams. Here, you will see how a team with diverse perspectives is stronger than one person alone. Most importantly, at DHG you will be part of our family. And the way we see it, families take care of one another. To learn more about how we focus on inclusion and diversity, explore our blog posts or podcast episodes.

Joining DHG for any amount of time means there will be a lot of knowledge coming at you. Our Leadership Conference attendees, you’ll be given instructions for travel, lodging and a whirlwind 3-day itinerary once you’ve been accepted. Meanwhile, our Interns and First-Year Associates will go through our specialized onboarding process: Launch. This is a week-long training program that helps you get to know the ins and outs of DHG before you ever come to the office. Then, when you do sit at your desk for the first time, you are already set up for success.

Most importantly, what you should expect is to be taken seriously from day one. Your work becomes part of our team effort to create an exceptional client experience. We will give you access to real work that makes an impact, true industry opportunities, and leaders that are the best in the business. At DHG, we are excited to learn your passions and where you want your career to go. Because we believe it’s our job to help you get there.

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our recruiters

  • Katie

  • Kelly

    • Works in our: Charlotte SouthPark office
    • Recruits for: Clemson University
      College of Charleston
      University of North Carolina Charlotte
      University of South Carolina
      Western Carolina University
    • Contact:
  • Natalie

    • Works in our: Tysons, Virginia office
    • License: CPA
    • Recruits for: George Mason University
      James Madison University
      Marshall University
      University of Maryland
      West Virginia University
    • Contact:
  • Kim

    • Works in our: Raleigh, NC office
    • Recruits for: Appalachian State University
      East Carolina University
      North Carolina State University
      UNC Greensboro
      UNC Wilmington
    • Contact:
  • Janessa

  • Nikki

    • Works in our: Richmond, VA office
    • Recruits for: Christopher Newport University
      Hampton University
      Old Dominion University
      Virginia Commonwealth University
      Virginia Tech
    • Contact:
  • Kyerra

    • Works in our: Atlanta, GA office
    • License: CPA
    • Recruits for: Auburn University
      Birmingham-Southern College
      University of Alabama
      University of Georgia
      University of Tennessee
    • Contact:
  • Darius

    • Works in our: Dallas/Fort Worth office
    • Recruits for: University of Mississippi
      Mississippi State University
      University of Memphis
      Texas Christian University
      University of North Texas
      Cal Poly Pomona
    • Contact:
  • Taylor

    • Works in our: Charlotte SouthPark Office
    • Recruits for: North Carolina A&T State University
      University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      University of North Florida
      University of South Florida
      Wake Forest University
    • Contact:

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upcoming events

  1. wednesday, may 20, 2020

    NCACPA Summer Leadership Conference - NCSU Campus

    Talley Student Union

  2. may 27-28, 2020

    DHG 2020 Summer Leadership Conference - May 27th and May 28th

With more than 2,000 professionals in 13 states, our headquarters in Charlotte, NC is just the beginning of where you can find a career with us. DHG ranks among the top 20 public accounting firms in the nation, and we work with clients locally, nationally, and internationally every day. In each DHG office you’ll discover a caring culture and a place where you can build a valuable career.

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